Business Resources

There are some excellent resources available for businesses who are  interested in hiring immigrants or who are looking to attract newcomer consumers. 

Business: Cultural Diversity Matters

This resource highlights some of the many reasons why diversity should matter to businesses and organizations in our community. It also highlights many resources available to businesses interested in hiring and retaining a diverse workforce.


This infographic profiles some key immigrant statistics and provides insights into how to market your products/services to this unique population.

Brantford/Brant Edition                                    Haldimand/Norfolk Edition


Translation Apps to the Rescue

Use one of these handy translation apps to help facilitate a conversation with a client who doesn't speak English well.  These apps are an affordable solution when you don't have the budget to pay for translation services.  







Immigrant Myths Busted  discusses some myths and realities of life for immigrants in Grand Erie.   


Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has a new electronic system called Express Entry. People who are interested in emmigrating to Canada now fill in a profile are then invited to apply for permanent residency based on their qualifications and job prospects. 

If you are a Canadian employer, you can hire Express Entry candidates to meet your labour needs when you are not able to find Canadians or permanent residents to fill job vacancies. You can use the same recruiting and hiring practices you use manage applications for permanent residence under certain economic immigration programs.

Learn more about how to hire permanent workers through the Express Entry program here can help you source, select, develop and welcome skilled immigrants as creative contributors to your workforce. 

  • videos
  • webinars
  • statistics
  • case studies
  • other tools and resources

The ROI Virtual Toolkit is an excellent collection of employer resources from around the web.  Use it on an "as needed" basis to access resources to help with: 

  • Recruitment
  • Orientation 
  • Inclusion

TRIEC Campus is an online learning hub offering complimentary, self-paced resources designed to support team members and leaders in today's culturally diverse workplace. Topics include:

  • Effective communication 
  • Team-work 
  • Recruitment
  • Talent management practices
  • e-Learning modules
  • Videos and discussion guides on topics related to cross-cultural practices

Looking for a speaker?  Passages to Canada volunteers share their personal accounts of cultural identity and heritage on-line and in person with schools and community groups.