About Us

Vibrant, prosperous, welcoming communities.  This is our vision.

The Grand Erie Immigration Partnership (GEIP) drives conversations between business, government, community organizations and local residents about immigration.  Our goal is to build sustainable partnerships and create innovative actions to help Grand Erie communities achieve this vision.

The work of the GEIP is important because:

  • Ontario’s population in prime working years is decreasing – leaving fewer people in the labour force.  We need immigrants to maintain our workforce.
  • Older adults will depend on people of working age to support social security and pensions.  We need immigrants to help take care of our aging population.
  • Many immigrants come to invest in our community – building our local economy and creating jobs.
  • Newcomers are local customers - they help maintain a healthy local economy.
  • Newcomers offer skills that may not be available in our local workforce.
  • Newcomers can open doors to new markets.

GEIP Community Action Plan



Newcomers from all over the world choose Grand Erie as their home – hoping to be valuable participants in our workforce and in our community life. Like those that arrived before them, the transition can be difficult as they seek opportunities and overcome challenges to integrate into their new communities.

This Community Action Plan, inspired by personal interviews, consultations and meetings with more than 250 individuals, highlights five areas of focus:

  • Employment
  • Education/Training
  • Health
  • Social Support
  • Community Readines

We have a vision. We have a plan. It is time for action.